as a human being...we can`t live by our own. dlm hidup ni everybody needs friend and especially a bestfriend! bestfriend x perlu ramai...bkn senang nk cri bestfriend rite?? bestfriend means he or she are the best for us..! luckily..i have more than 1 bestriend..praise to GOD, this kind of peeps sudi jdi bestfriends aku..if kte nk jd bestfriend utk seseorng, means that kte mesti kena loyal, a good listener, a good peeps, n of course we always be there even our friend is in trouble..~~ dgn rasa rendah diri, aku nk cakap aku saaaayangggg sgt those ppl yg jd bestfriend aku! thanx guys for these sweet friendship........

NOR AQILLY SYFIEKA<<<< this is my 1st girl i called her BESTFRIEND..we`re friend almost 15 yrs..wow!!! lame giler!! ktorng kwn dr skolah tadika smpai la skrg..she`s very nice to me.penyimpan rahsia yg baik exectly..love you dear love!!!

AMIRA AZ-ZAHRA<<<< really stick to her till now..we share about the same things! that`s why we are stick 2gether..hehehe..aku kwn ngan mira time form 5.even perkenlan ktorng sgt2 singkat, but i`ve a good instinct into her. that`s why we are become a good friend..we share about the same dreams n hobbies!! KOREA!! hahaha..planning ktorng nk p korea hrp2 jd nyata.LIKE!!segala msalah ktorng kongsi brsama. sgt2 terharu sbb die sgt2 la setia mndengar luahan hati aku...even skrng pon..i really need u right now.uhuuuuuuu...sedih::(

SHUHADAH AZIZ<<<< she is the princess of RAJA LAWAK for me..hahahaha..miss her jokes n big laugh with her..agak lama x ketemu. sgt2 rinduuuu!!! dlu..when i`m in trouble, she likes to make a joke and by time, i dpt throw away the tears n prblemma utk seketika. kt cni, no one can replace her. miss u like hell ROCKY!!! geng kapak aku!!!! arghhhhhhhhh

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